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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

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This book is about a a 17-year old teenager Isabella Swan who falls in love with a "teenage boy" named Edward Cullen.  She soon finds out through afamily friend, Jacob Black, that they are a family of vampires.  Vampires who are dedicated to preserving human life by drinking the blood of animals. As Edward encounters, this young teenage girl in school, he smelled the sweetest blood that almost made him kill the girl. Edward Cullen has the ability to read the mind of everyone around him. However, to his disappointment, this girl is the only exception to his uncanny ability which also turned out to be the catalyst for him to fall in love with the girl.

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New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon Cover
New moon is a story of breaking up, friendship and reconciliation. It starts off with Bella's birthday celebration which turns out to be disastrous as she accidentally cuts her finger with a paper and was attacked by Jasper (the newest Cullen "vegetarian"). Edward decides to convince Bella that he doesn't love her anymore and promises not to leave any trace of himself and won't interfere with her life anymore.

Bella then rekindles her friendship with Jacob after so many months of struggle. There is a catch though, Jacob turned out to be somebody who also belongs to the world of "make-believe" just like her beloved vampire, Edward, Jacob was a werewolf.  She then finds herself between a rivalry that has existed for years and thus her loyalties are tested.

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Eclipse By Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse Cover
Bella's friendship with Jacob gets complicated as soon as the Cullens arrived back in Forks. She is somehow forced to choose between two good things.
Who would she choose? Is it true that somebody could love two people at the same time? True Love or Friendship? Bella has been through worse when Edward left, and Jacob has somehow stitched up a broken heart leaving a mark of his own. How is it gonna work?

On the other hand, she finds herself in the midst of another danger, following the mysterious killings of the people in Seattle.  Is there anything she could do to save those people who are protecting her? Could she help?



Breaking Dawn By Stephenie Meyer

This book is divided into three, the first and third book being in Bella's point-of-view. The 2nd is in Jacob's.

The happiest day of Bella's life is getting near and marrying the most wonderful person in her life was just a jump start. Something is coming, something very much unexpected between Edward and her.

As for Jacob, despite the recent truce with the Cullens has remained resentful for the ridiculous decision Bella has made for herself. He is still not giving up. What he wasn't prepared for though finding the true meaning of his existence.

"A love so true is worth fighting for, even if it's killing me, with all my might and soul, my arms will protect you from every soul who goes against you. My precious one, I love you more than my own life..."

...And suddenly I was standing there, I was held there standing with a million strings holding me, unable to move, unable to speak..
You are the most beautiful creature anybody would ever see in the world...
I will stand by long as you are happy then I am...

*These are not exact quote from the book but I turned around a few words a little bit.