Serenity Of Life


Just wanted to share an experience I had with this particular branch. It's actually just 10 minutes away from our home. I just dropped by from work two days ago because I was really hungry and I wanted to eat my favorite breakfast, longganisa with Egg. They usually cook the egg well done. I don't like that I want it lightly or half done.  I was annoyed because when they served it, it wasn't the way I wanted it.  The waiter went back the 2nd time, and they cooked it in the some way. Err, I got a little irritated but I just politely told them that I really want it cooked lightly done. Finally they served it the way I wanted it.

I usually am not able to drink my juice while I'm eating so I had to bring it home with me, I asked for a plastic cover from them, I tried to cover it with one hand (it was still full by the way) then the cup got spilled and the cup got crushed. The manager happily offered me another full cup of juice! Nice isn't it? I just wanted to share it.

4/26/2011 23:55:56

At this time, the only thing we can do is to join you and enjoy the moment. This is worth the time.


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