Serenity Of Life


From the moment I knew you came to life inside my womb until now that you are three I have been loving you unconditionally and will continue to love you until the rest of my life. You are the best thing that ever happened in my life. Without you it is a dull world for me. You became my strength to go on with life.

In return, I will be your strength as you grow older, I will protect you, I will be your shoulder to cry on, and most of all your best friend! I just hope and pray that God will give me a life long enough to see you finish your studies, have good friends, fulfill your dreams, fall in or out of love until you see the one for you, to see you marry and finally having kids of your own.  

I am not the perfect mother, or I may not even be close to perfection as others might say, but God knows how much I try to be perfect in so many ways that I can.

I love you so much my little angel! You are my life..

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nice letter from a mom like you, hope in time all the content of your letter will motivate your daughter to become a better person.


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