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Examiner Samantha Chang writes about Rob's six pack abs...
Rumors are swirling that Robert Pattinson's chiseled abs in New Moon are fake. The rippling six pack Rob displayed during a scene he recently filmed in Montepulciano, Italy, were reportedly painted on and not the result of intense gym workouts."Rob had a team of makeup artists working on his stomach to make it appear as if he had a six pack," a source (anonymous, natch!) told MTV. "He hates the gym and will never really be a muscle man! They used all the tricks, including liquid body paint, shading, and airbrushing."But does anyone care if Rob's chiseled abs are painted on? Not really. Pattinson, 23, skyrocketed to overnight A-list status following his star-making turn as the alluring Edward Cullen in the hit vampire romance Twilight. Since then, the dashing British heartthrob has been mobbed by fans and paparazzi wherever he goes. Pattinson is currently in New York, filming his upcoming movie Remember Me.

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