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Twiilght Movie

Before I watched twilight I had absolutely no idea what it's all about... Well, I just knew it was a vampire story and that's it. I found out about the title of the movie when a few of my online friends mentioned about it on a PTP (paid-to-post) site. So I asked my husband and he said yes he thinks it's a good movie.  I wanted to watch it, however due to my work schedule I wasn't able to.
My husband was able to watch it though while me and my daughter dropped by at my in-laws a visit.  As soon as he was finished watching it he send me a text message telling me the movie was great. Grr...So I missed watching the movie in short...tsk


I don't have much time but I will be constantly updating my twilight saga link with a summary of each chapter of twilight until I finish with breaking dawn. Good luck to me... Haha! Other information will be posted here. If you have comments and suggestions please let me know!