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Twiilght Movie

Before I watched twilight I had absolutely no idea what it's all about... Well, I just knew it was a vampire story and that's it. I found out about the title of the movie when a few of my online friends mentioned about it on a PTP (paid-to-post) site. So I asked my husband and he said yes he thinks it's a good movie.  I wanted to watch it, however due to my work schedule I wasn't able to.
My husband was able to watch it though while me and my daughter dropped by at my in-laws a visit.  As soon as he was finished watching it he send me a text message telling me the movie was great. Grr...So I missed watching the movie in short...tsk

My sister-in-law then told me it was a romance movie. That I didn't expect and the last vampire movie that I watched was The Underworld: Rise of the Lycans so I thought it maybe a some kind of a blood bath. So then when they encouraged me to watch it, I bugged my husband and asked him to download it from the internet (I know, I know, it's bad...but I bought the original DVD to make up for Believe it or not I honestly did not understand why he reacted in a weird way when Bella walked by in their class room. Not until, they talked in the meadow.

The movie made me buy the the first two books of The Twilight Saga. Having seen the movie first it was quite confusing because the lines we're in not in the same sequence. Generally, I liked the book more than movie, and If I had read the book before I've watched it I would have been disappointed.  Nevertheless, the movie is what started it all for me and of course I became a fan of the "god of swoon" as described by another blogger, Robert Pattinson. As soon as I finished reading the two books, I couldn't help but buy the next two books the next week! I even told myself I'll just buy it in December I couldn't wait, they made a very good movie of putting in the first Chapter in the last few pages of the book, it makes the readers crave for more!!

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