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rob and kristen getting close
Rob and Kristen getting close
Kristen Stewart, star of the recent movie Twilight and the upcoming sequel New Moon (scheduled for release November 20, 2009) finally addressed the persistent question about the nature of her relationship with co-star Robert Pattinson. This issue is also of concern to Stewart’s boyfriend Michael Angarano. A source close to Stewart recently told The National Enquirer that Stewart loves Pattinson “as a friend.” While acknowledging her co-star’s hotness, and that it was easy for her to build onscreen chemistry with him, she flatly denies that anything more is going on.

The two recently accepted the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss for their lip-locking in the movie Twilight, teasing the audience by pretending to get ready to kiss on stage, but then stopping short of doing so. Their “non-kiss” only fueled the rumors of their relationship being more than professional as did speculation on why Stewart was nervous enough onstage to drop her Golden Popcorn Award.


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