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This is an interesting article shared by Amanda Bell (Twilight Examiner) by a person named Yarmosh from a feminist group if I'm not mistaken. She had very interesting views about the characters Bella and Edward Cullen.

Here is an excerpt of the article:

Young readers encounter women, embodied in narrator Bella Swan, shoved back into traditional gender stereotypes that have taken years of effort to overcome. And millions of young girls (not to mention adult women) are devouring these books.I worry about the girls who seem, with quite a bit of personal conviction, to put one of the main characters of the Twilight "saga,” the vampire Edward Cullen, on such a high pedestal that they think he is the ultimate ideal of a boyfriend. That he is not. These girls need a wake-up call: Edward Cullen is a caricature of an emotionally, psychologically and physically abusive boyfriend -- and one with supernatural powers no less. It can’t be healthy to have an attachment to a fictional character with those qualities, much less a real person.Apart from the vampires who attack Bella at the end of the first book (Twilight), Edward is the source of most of her abuse. He is dangerously possessive. In the third book (Eclipse), for example, the vampire boyfriend removes the engine from Bella’s car because she wants to go visit her friend Jacob Black. Edward stalks her, constantly asks where she is going and what she is doing and plays hot and cold in their love affair. He neglects her emotionally in some passages; in others, he tells her he loves her and wants to be with her forever.A phrase in the series is used to sum up the relationship between Edward and Bella: "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb.” A symbolic, romantic concept perhaps, but it only reinforces traditional gender stereotypes of males being strong and dominant, and females being meek, demure and passive. Feminists have fought for decades to eradicate this trope and to stretch the boundaries of how females are viewed by the dominant society.

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Amanda Bell has pretty much covered everything. One thing that I want to point out is the way Yamosh understood the lines "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" and "what a sick masochistic lion." She looked at it as a symbolism of strength and weakness which is absurdly wrong. It was more of predator and prey.  "Masochistic" in this context is more of a sacrifice for Edward Cullen.

Like what Amanda Bell said, Edward Cullen was self-sacrificing just as Bella is selfless.

7/27/2009 11:21:27 am

Oh yeah, I remember reading this. I think that he's trying to capitalize on the Twilight hysteria and make some money at the same time. Face it, he'll get tons of hits if he's a hater, plus a ton of attention, too. Which is why I refuse to click on his article or leave a comment. :p


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