Serenity Of Life


This is the best Batman movie ever! I give it five stars. Batman Begins is next best. Christian Bale is the best fit for Batman. Handsome face, body builder, the perfect height, and even has the perfect voice!
The Dark Knight has a better story line. Heath Ledger superbly portrayed the role of Joker. Hats off to this wonderful actor.  I loved the part wherein he tried to trick two sets of people within a train into killing each other.  The first train, has civilians the other has convicted criminals who were supposed to be on their way to the prison.  It proved the humanity and selflessness of the people. Joker was greatly mistaken for thinking that they would indeed kill each other.

6/14/2009 07:34:44 am

In the end, there could only be peace when one understands revenge, has the chance to complete vengeance but decides to forgive anyway since he/she believes completing vengeance will not end the PAIN.

1/27/2011 04:46:03 pm

But, armed with a few key phrases and a little local knowledge, Korea can be a vegetarians' paradise.


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