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Serenity Of Life

This movie inspired me to write a review of it in a very peculiar way. I don't mean to ridicule it since this movie was done in 1940. It made me laugh rather than fall in love with it, which is apparently  what they are trying to achieve especially if you listen to the musical scoring of the movie.

They got the lines pretty good and twisted it a just fine alright, but not to how it was delivered. For example, they all looked too cheerful when their beloved sister eloped with Mr. Wickham and as for Mr. Darcy, his "countenance" is more lustful than in love to Eliza. The characters that I am mostly impressed with how it was represented was Mr. Bennet's, just as how the book described him to be. Eliza's character in this movie is too elegant for my taste and more likely to be Jane Bennet rather than Elizabeth Bennet considering her lovely and beautiful features.

I am not completely disappointed having heard the lines from the book and it was quite fun watching it. I almost laughed the whole time!

This is one of the funniest and most romantic movie I've ever seen.  Simple but funny! The story is somehow predictable at some point but it has never failed to make me smile all through out the movie. I had a lot of laughs during the first half of the movie the second half has a serious tone but has deeply touched my heart.
You will also notice that the name of the main actress in the movie was never mentioned at any time within the movie. They just focused on the girl being "sassy." The actress played the role well enough to say that the character indeed a cheerful but sad girl. Her eyes has expressed it truthfully.