Serenity Of Life


This is one of the funniest and most romantic movie I've ever seen.  Simple but funny! The story is somehow predictable at some point but it has never failed to make me smile all through out the movie. I had a lot of laughs during the first half of the movie the second half has a serious tone but has deeply touched my heart.
You will also notice that the name of the main actress in the movie was never mentioned at any time within the movie. They just focused on the girl being "sassy." The actress played the role well enough to say that the character indeed a cheerful but sad girl. Her eyes has expressed it truthfully.


Just watched this movie last night. Hancock is a non-traditional type of super hero story. They have a good idea of people starting to be human when a pair of people who has powers get together but they could have made it more interesting by illustrating some flashbacks of their past. The story bored me. It lacks excitement and idea. The special effects were good but were used for a senseless scene wherein Hancock and Mary fought each other over something that happened 80 years ago.