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Power cycling is the act of turning a piece of equipment, usually a computer, off and then on again. Reasons for power cycling include having an electronic device reinitialize its configuration or recover from an unresponsive state of its mission critical functionality, such as in a crash or hang situation. Power cycling can also be used to reset network activity inside a modem.

Just by merely turning off your computer off and on could actually problems a few registry problems within the computer.
As for maintaining an internet connection, it's a must to do a "sequenced power cycle" especially if your type of service is dynamic (IP Address Keeps On Changing)
To do a sequenced power cycle, you must turn off the computer, unplug the power cord of your router, then switch off your modem or unplug it if it doesn't have power switch.  Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute then turn on the modem first, wait for another 30 seconds or until at least two lights are stable, then power up your router, wait for another 30 seconds then turn on your PC. This should restore internet connectivity and also refresh your network.

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