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Thanks to weeby's FAQs I was able to find out how to submit my website to google and yahoo I have been doing some research about it before and now that I wasn't even trying to found about it then I stumble on it. 

Just simply Go to this link: and make sure that you type your meta tags on the comments box. This will help you get visitors. If you are a little doubtful that googlebot won't see your other site links I suggest that you also your add site to to Google Analytics. It also provideds real time statistics of your page views. Here's the URL:
To add your site in Yahoo's search engine go to and you can add as many sites as you can.  To submit a site to (msn's new search engine) here is the link:

As I did my searches after this I also found that is integrated with Google's search algorithms, as well as the search engines, and to yahoo.

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